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B. Shumard's Irish Rage

B. Shumard's Irish Rage

Weight: 43 pds

Registration: ADBA



Rage is now retired after a long and very successful career of hog catching. She will go down as one of the best catch dogs we have ever had the pleasure of witnessing work. In her prime it was truly a thing of beauty to watch her take on a boar. Fearless, long winded, unbelievably powerful bite, intelligent, and with not an ounce of quit in her.

She is the true definition of a performance OFRN!

Rage's Pedigree

OFRN x Chavis (via Ch. Ellison)

Rage in action below

Southern Inferno's Rogue

Southern Inferno's Rogue

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 45 pounds

Parents: Striker x Fury

Blood: 78.125% OFRN/ 21.875% Chavis

Rogue has proven herself to be a remarkable catch dog. Lightning fast, hard hitting, extremely driven and perfect structure. She strongly takes after her grandmother, Rage, in temperament and working ability.

Rogue in action below

Southern Inferno and Heavy Chain's Red Fury

Southern Inferno & Heavy Chain's Red Fury

Registration: ADBA

Weight: 50 Pounds

Blood: 81.25% OFRN/ 18.75% Chavis

Just like her mother (Rage) Fury is turning out to be an amazing catch dog. At a young age she already has several impressive catches under her belt. She has shown great heart, wind, athleticism, and great technique. Along with her great disposition, she has all the building blocks to become a legendary catch dog just like Rage.

Fury's Pedigree

OFRN x Chavis (via Ch. Ellison)

Southern Inferno's Dallas

Southern Inferno's Envy

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