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Health Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At C.R.P. our goal is to provide you with a healthy new family member. At transfer, said pup is guaranteed to be free from DISTEMPER, ADENOVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA, PARVOVIRUS, LEPTOSPIRA, and CORONAVIRUS. As well as any genetic defects.

Buyer’s Responsibility

First and foremost the buyer agrees to provide good care of this puppy, feed and house the puppy properly, maintain shots and proper physical and mental care and welfare. The death, injury, or loss of said puppy due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or accident will not entitle the buyer to be compensated by C.R.P. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of possession. If the veterinarian does not give the puppy a clean bill of health, the buyer must notify C.R.P. immediately. C.R.P. reserves the right to have the puppy re-examined at the buyer’s expense. Any condition that is minor, correctable or a breed related minor condition is not covered. If the condition is one which will go away or is deemed a condition which the puppy will likely grow out of, it is not covered. If the puppy is then found not to be in good health, C.R.P. will resume possession of the puppy if this is agreeable by both parties. C.R.P does not accept responsibility for any contagious disease diagnosed after 24 hours of possession. Hip dysplasia is covered for one year after the date of purchase with the same conditions as above in effect. Death as the result of heat exhaustion, stroke, dehydration or any other heat related are not covered in any way. Puppies can overheat quickly and may die as a result, so make sure you keep your new addition in a proper environment at all times.

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