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Show/Working Contract

Southern Inferno Kennels



Email: [email protected]

Contract for Co-ownership of a Show/Working Quality APBT Puppy

This puppy is bred and co-owned by Southern Inferno Kennels

Definitions used herein include:

"BUYER" shall herein be defined as:

"BREEDER" shall herein be defined as: Southern Inferno Kennels;

"PUPPY" shall herein be defined as:

A female/male (circle one) show/working quality puppy, registered with the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) from the Sire and Dam listed below.



Pick #:

-A show/breeding quality PUPPY is defined here to be an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) puppy which is in good health at the time of sale, and embodies the characteristics of the APBT breed. This PUPPY is purebred and is registered with the American Dog Breeders Association. The parents of this PUPPY are free of communicable diseases and healthy to the eye. This PUPPY is sold with idea that it has a reasonable chance to compete in the legal field of the BUYER'S choice. It is an excellent representation of it's breed, however is not guaranteed to become a champion of record.

-The BUYER agrees not to breed this PUPPY until it has reached 1 year and/or completed it's second heat cycle. Furthermore, the BUYER agrees not to breed this PUPPY until it has proven itself by obtaining a title in a legal sport or conformation arena through the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA), The United Kennel Club (UKC), All American Dog Registry (AADR) or another club/registry approved by the BREEDER. The BUYER agrees never to breed this PUPPY to any dog not registered as an American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) by a recognized registry (I.E. ADBA, UKC or AADR) which this PUPPY has been registered with as well. In the event this PUPPY is bred outside of these guidelines the BUYER forfeits rights to the PUPPY, returning him/her to the BREEDER at the BUYER’S expense. If this PUPPY is diagnosed to be barren or unable to reproduce by at least two licensed veterinarians (having never sired/birthed living puppies) after all other stipulations have been met, the BUYER is entitled to another PUPPY, chosen by the BREEDER to be comparable to the first from the BREEDER’S next litter with available APBT puppies. The BUYER is in no way expected to return the original PUPPY, in the case of reproductive failure.

-Once this Puppy has proven itself by obtaining a title in a legal sport or conformation arena through the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA), The United Kennel Club (UKC), All American Dog Registry (AADR) or another club/registry approved by the BREEDER, full ownership is to be transferred to the BUYER.

-If the BUYER decides to spay/neuter this PUPPY, for any reason other than medical necessity, the BREEDER will be consulted before the procedure. Once the PUPPY has been spayed/ neutered the BUYER may submit documentation of the procedure to the BREEDER and full ownership will be transferred to the BUYER.

-The BREEDER guarantees the above described dog to be healthy at the time of the sale.

-The BREEDER does not assume any liability for any injury to/by said PUPPY after placement with BUYER.

-The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. If deemed unhealthy in any way, the puppy may be returned to the breeder for a full refund of the purchase price or a comparable replacement, decided by the breeder, after the seller's Veterinarian has determined the buyer has not caused the health problem. BUYER will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred in the transportation of said PUPPY and if applicable it’s replacement.

-All appropriate shots for the PUPPY'S age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied.

-The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy's health in good condition, and to provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm test, and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health.

-The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy sound puppies both by breeding only dogs (parents) that are healthy and display desirable temperaments, and by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care.

-There are many factors that can influence growth and development, such as diet, exercise, weight gain, etc.. The BUYER assumes the responsibility to carry on with the appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule, as supplied by the BREEDER. Most particularly, the BUYER agrees to keep the puppy slim throughout it's normal growth period. The BREEDER can offer no further guarantees once the care of the puppy is no longer under their control.

-The BUYER agrees that neither he/she nor the BUYER'S estate/executors may sell this PUPPY or transfer ownership of this PUPPY without the BREEDER'S knowledge and written consent. The BUYER hereby agrees in the event this PUPPY cannot be kept by the BUYER, regardless of time elapsed since sale, the BREEDER is entitled to buy the PUPPY back at 50% the original sale price (including any applicable discounts the BUYER has received). If the BREEDER declines, then the BUYER has the right to sell the dog outright.

-The BUYER agrees to notify the BREEDER of any changes of address/serious illness/surgery during the PUPPY'S lifetime.

-The BUYER agrees to send a photo of the PUPPY between the date of sale and six months of age. In addition, the BUYER agrees to send photos documenting the PUPPY's development after it's 1st birthday, and at least every 2 years thereafter.

-The BUYER agrees to inform the BREEDER of any and all pregnancies/litters resulting from this PUPPY.

-The BUYER agrees to provide a suitable fenced area and/or a suitable indoor enclosure for this PUPPY.

-The BUYER agrees to enroll the PUPPY in a suitable training class by 6 months of age, unless otherwise specified below.

-The BUYER agrees not to engage in any illegal activities with or around the PUPPY. Furthermore, the BUYER agrees that if there is substantial proof of abuse or neglect, on their part, of the PUPPY the BREEDER may repossess the PUPPY without compensation to the BUYER.

-The BREEDER neither makes or implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the BREEDER and BUYER with respect to this sale. The BUYER’S signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understands all the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale.








BREEDER(s): Southern Inferno Kennels (David Williams)




PHONE: 706-254-6087

EMAIL: [email protected]


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